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Revenge Cavaclade

the sweetest remedy is being innocent

Degrassi the Next generation Roleplaying community
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1.Updating 2-3 times a week is a mandatory requirement for this rpg, lack of participation in updating and or any rules or requirements will result in being cut.

2. Commenting, is ALSO a mandatory requirement for this rpg, you need to comment on everyone’s 2-3 entries a week, again, lack of participation in commenting will result in being cut.

3. An aol instant messenger screen name is another mandatory requirement, you need a screen name for your character and you must be available three hours a week!

4. We’re not completely limitless, we want to have a wide variety of drama going on but keep it REALISTIC.

5. Please have your entry up BEFORE you apply to the community, if not this will give you an automatic no.

6. When talking out of character, use the “OOC brackets” example: “ooc: (( ooc )) [[ooc]]”

7. If the mod(s) feel you are not fit for this community then they will take it upon themselves to cut you.

8. Posting in the community is allowed but please keep it friends only or will be deleted and forgotten.

9. The last episode to occur was Time Stands Still Part One.

To show us (the mods) that you have read the rules where it says “did you read the rules” please write “Really, men are hopeless romantics.”

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Your Name:
Your Age:
Your live journal and AIM
Character Applying for:
Live journal for your character:
AIM screen name for your Character:
Did you read the rules:
Is your first entry up:
Links to any role playing experience:

(An auto application is posted on the communities applying post)

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Open characters:

Sean Cameron:
Chester Bloom:
Dylan Michalchuk:
Danny Van Zandt
Hazel Aden:
Kendra Mason:
Liberty Van Zandt:
Matt Oleander:
Terri McGreggor:
Toby Issacs:
Chris Sharpe:
tyler bishop:
Heather Sinclaire:
J.t YorkeAmy:
Jimmy Brooks
Ashley Kerwin:
Emma Nelson:
Craig Manning:
Spinner Mason:
Paige Michalchuk:

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Alex: xlexatron AIM: xlexatron
Marco Del Rossi: drinkup_ AIM: finallyseeit
Ellie Nash: midnightabduct AIM: xelliexnx
Manny Santos: cheerxmanny AIM: Sexii Manny
Rick Murray: xoeliteox AIM: xxXRICKXXXX
Jay Hogart: xgangsta_jayx AIM: UknoUwantJay